Tired Of The Old-Fashioned Way? 4 Reasons You Should Train To Use Accounting Software For Your Small Business


If you're not utilizing accounting software for your small business, you're missing out on the opportunity to run your business more efficiently. Many small business owners forego the accounting software because they feel it will be too cost prohibitive. However, that's simply not the case, especially when the right software is chosen. If you want to reap the benefits of accounting software, it's time to sign up for online accounting software training.

5 June 2019

Accounting for Medicare Insurance Gaps


Medicare insurance is a valuable tool that is designed to help individuals pay for their medical costs. Unfortunately, there are a number of gaps in Medicare insurance—and being unprepared for these gaps can lead to significant financial problems. Accountants often advise clients to use a few different methods to potentially avoid these gaps. Here's what you need to know. What Is a Medicare Gap? "Medicare gap" refers to any type of lapse in Medicare coverage.

27 February 2019

How Do Bad Debts Affect Your Business Taxes And Finances?


Every business must deal with noncollectable debts during the course of their operations. While you understand that debts which aren't being paid back affect your bottom line, you should also understand how, and when, they affect your taxes and financial reports. Here's a short guide to bad debts for the layperson. When Is It a Bad Debt? A bad debt is basically a noncollectable debt that has basically no real chance of ever being paid.

20 November 2018

4 Accounting Tips For Delivery Drivers


With the success of grocery and food delivery apps such as Seamless, Grubhub, UberEats, Shipt, and Instacart, there are more opportunities than ever to do delivery work as an independent contractor. As an independent contractor, you can run and structure your own delivery business, where you work with multiple different companies. If you are running your own delivery business as an independent contractor through the wide array of delivery apps that are available today, you are going to want to make sure that you know how to do some basic accounting and record keeping in order to accurately complete your taxes come tax time.

5 September 2018

How To Make Sure Your New Business Doesn't Go Bankrupt


According to studies, 80% of businesses fail after the first year which means that if you are starting a new business, statistics are unfortunately stacked against you. If you are anxious about starting your business because you're so worried about failure, then there are a few things that you can do to set up your business' finances successfully. Read on to learn more.  Hire a Business Advisory Firm A business advisory firm may be your most worthwhile investment when you start a business and is an investment that you should continue using for the entirety of your ownership.

30 July 2018

Don't Jeopardize Your Future: Why You Need A CPA For Your Business


If you own a business, and you're using an ordinary bookkeeper, you may be looking at potential problems later on. Your bookkeeper can help you with the basics, such as payroll and accounts receivables, but that's about it. For all the big stuff, you're going to need a certified public accountant or CPA. If you don't think you need the services of a CPA, here are four key reasons why you do.

14 April 2018

Starting A Small Business In Colorado? A Beginner's Guide To Sales Tax Reporting


If you're planning to start a small business in Colorado selling anything, you've probably wondered what your responsibilities regarding taxes might be. Sales tax is something most Colorado entrepreneurs have to deal with, but it doesn't have to be as intimidating as you may think. Here's a quick guide to handling your Colorado sales tax obligations. Who Do You Charge? Colorado's sales tax system is based on the idea of "

27 February 2017

Have A Tax Question? 5 Steps To Getting It Resolved With The IRS


Filing income taxes is rarely enjoyable, but the real fear for most taxpayers is what to do if they need help during the filing process or afterward. Whether it's a tax question, a letter from the IRS, or a change in your life circumstances, it's a moment most people dread. But, you can successfully meet the challenge if you know where and how to get help with your taxes. Here are five steps to finding what you need.

18 January 2017

Financial Planning In Your 20's


Graduating from college typically happens during your early twenties. In order to ensure that the future continues to remain bright and full of opportunity, it's essential for twenty-somethings to start planning for their financial well-being. Here are three tips that you can use as you prepare to graduate from college to ensure that you are prepared to face whatever financial obstacles may come your way in the future. 1. Continue living below your means.

20 December 2016

Three Ways Individuals With Home Based Businesses Can Save On Their Taxes


If you own your own business and work out of your home, it is easy to overlook valuable tax deductions. Deductions reduce your taxable income so that you have a lower income tax obligation. Check out a few ways you can reduce your tax payment. 1. Take Advantage of Your Home Office When tax time comes, it literally pays to have a dedicated space in your home for your home office.

8 November 2016