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This past year was the first year that I was fortunate enough to work from my home. Working from my home has been a wonderful change for both personal and professional reasons. The only thing that caused a slight issue was the tax filing changes that I had to endure. The office in my home was now considered a tax deduction. I had to get some help learning how to deduct the things that are allowed on my federal taxes. If you are new to working from home and have a home office, this blog can help you learn what you need to know before tax time rolls around.

Debunking Myths About Bookkeeping Services


One of the essential services for both small and large businesses is bookkeeping. It's crucial to ensure your books are correctly managed and organized to ensure the smooth flow of your business transactions. This is the reason you should make provision for bookkeeping services. The following are some myths that many business owners believe concerning bookkeeping services.

Myth: Bookkeeping Only Involves Data Entry

While bookkeeping involves a significant amount of data entry, bookkeepers also generate financial reports, reconcile accounts, and check the accuracy of entries. Furthermore, bookkeepers also reach out to customers to communicate problems with financial transactions, demand refunds, or follow up on payments.

Another aspect of bookkeeping is notifying management about potential future problems with a business's accounts. Therefore, the scope of a bookkeeper's duties varies depending on the financial transactions carried out by a business.

Myth: You Can Do Bookkeeping Alone

When starting as a businessman, you might not have to hire a bookkeeper to manage your books. A recent study established that 50 percent of small entrepreneurs don't have a bookkeeper. However, not all small entrepreneurs can manage bookkeeping duties on their own. 

Many businesses rely on bookkeeping software for their accounting tasks. This isn't a suitable alternative to the training and expertise of a professional bookkeeper.

Myth: Bookkeeping Is Only Necessary When Filing Taxes

Bookkeeping doesn't only apply during the tax season. Many businesses think of bookkeeping when filing tax returns. However, you will also need accurate financial reports when applying for a loan and handling cash flow. Bookkeeping enables you to make smart financial decisions.

Therefore, you shouldn't hire bookkeeping services just for the tax season alone. Carrying out bookkeeping regularly throughout the year ensures accurate financial reports.

Myth: Bookkeeping Is Costly

Bookkeeping is costly if an in-house employee does it. In such a scenario, you will account for expenses like recruitment, salaries, taxes, payroll, benefits, and training costs. 

These costs will accumulate quickly for small entrepreneurs; this is why many businesses outsource bookkeeping services. In this case, you only have to pay for the agreed services. You don't have to worry about a bookkeeper asking for vacation or sick time expenses. In this case, bookkeeping is more cost-effective if it's outsourced than when in-house employees do it.

In Closing

Many businesses don't realize the importance of bookkeeping until they notice irregularities in their income and costs. Some only rush to a bookkeeper when they start having problems with the IRS. Bookkeeping is an essential part of business management and a core practice that ensures the success of any business enterprise.  


25 May 2022